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Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend. My mom and I went to Black Mountain on Saturday to visit my younger brother Kendall, he plays baseball for Montreat College. He doesn’t get to come home a lot due to his baseball schedule so we were excited to visit with him for the day.

The baseball field at Montreat is literally carved into the side of a mountain…

This is the building that Kendall lives in…

It is truly a beautiful campus…

We had such a great time…It’s such a cute little town and I can’t wait to go back and really explore the campus and roam around the shops in Black Mountain.

I hope everyone has a great Monday!


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  1. It looks beautiful. Let me know when you go back!!! I really, really, really want to go!

  2. Bobbie Brown Photography

    Ohhh! The campus is GORGEOUS!

  3. oh wow, the campus is beauitful!! It dosen’t even look like a college 🙂 I wanna go!!!!

  4. Thanks for a wonderful day!!!

  5. It’s GORGEOUS!! Kind of reminds me of an old castle… we’re definitely going to have to visit Black Mountain one day!


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