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I believe I have mentioned on here before how much I love Gilmore Girls. It’s just a witty, fun show and it has gotten me through a lot….I know that sounds so silly but it’s true! Whenever I would feel sad about something I would pop in a DVD and take a trip to Stars Hollow to escape from my reality for a while. So that being said, I told you guys earlier that we were thinking of naming our new puppy Sookie (after the character on Gilmore Girls). However, after meeting her my mom and I both decided that she just wasn’t a “Sookie”. Instead we are going to name her…Gilmore! I think it’s adorable and fits her so well….she will be our own little Gilmore Girl! We still don’t get to bring her home for about three more weeks but I did get to see her on Monday.

Isn’t she adorable?!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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  1. Goodness she is preicous & I like the name 🙂


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