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Weekend Recap…a day late!

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So let me start off by saying that I have a really good excuse for being a day late with my weekend recap….Sunday night at around 10:30 we discovered that water was leaking from the ceiling into two rooms in our house. We had a burst pipe and since it was 10:30 on Sunday night there was nothing we could do but turn off the water and go to sleep. That meant no water yesterday morning!! No shower, AHH! I am a morning shower person all the way…if I don’t get my morning shower I just feel off the whole day. So that was me yesterday, off! I’m glad to report that the pipe was replaced and I had my shower this morning and all is well! Side note….the pipe was burst because sqirrels had gotten into the attic somehow and chewed it…little boogers!

Ok, onto my weekend…it was great! Me and Russell went to the bookstore and movies on Friday night, one of my all time favorite dates! We saw The Adjustment Bureau and it was excellent. Saturday I had lunch with two of my most favorite people, and did a little shopping (always fun!). Sunday was a GORGEOUS day! We spent the entire day outside… we played baseball, read, and went on a little nature walk to the creek near my house. We used to go back there all the time when I was little and it brought back so many memories!

Some of you may remember a picture of this bird feeder covered in snow….now here it is basking in the sunshine!

I think this tree is so pretty….the opening to the left is the start of the creek trail.

Russ was prepared to save me from any wild animals 🙂

How cool is this tree…

We came upon this old car in the woods…

I seriously felt like a kid again, walking around in the woods, exploring! So much fun…

Hopefully you all had great weekends and were able to enjoy the beautiful weather!

Happy Tuesday!


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  1. Those squirrels, they are so clever!!!!!!! Haha and that tree was soooo cool!!!! And that car looks a little creepy!

  2. Bobbie Brown Photography

    Sounds like a great weekend besides the busted pipe! Going without water is not easy! By the way, Russ was preparted? Or prepared? Heehee! Just had to tease you!

  3. HA! glad you messed up on a word, since you are always picking me bout that haha 🙂

    Love that tree those, pretty awesome! And i think russ is going to have to be buried with all his guns, kinda like Lukes uncle in gilmore girls hahahaha!!!!!

  4. Kristin Laurent

    that spirly tree was really cool!!! love and miss you!


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