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Taking it to the Polls

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I am the most indecisive person I know…and that’s saying a lot because I have some friends that can’t make a decision to save their lives (you know who you are!). So today I’m asking you all for a favor. I have been playing with the idea of chopping all of my hair off again. Yes I know it has taken me FOREVER to grow it out, but I’m just sick of it. I don’t like to spend a lot of time getting ready in the mornings and this long hair takes forever to dry and straighten! Also, I’m just not so sure I look better with long hair. That’s where you come in! Here are a couple of pictures of me with short hair, and a couple with long hair…..

That's me in the middle (with the short hair, obviously!)

My baby brother....he hasn't been home from school in 2 months, we all miss him like crazy!

And now for the long…


and straight

 Okay now, don’t be shy! Vote for which style you think looks best, and leave your opinion in the comments section! I promise you won’t hurt my feelings….I need help with this life changing decision, I can’t make it on my own!! hehe

Thanks guys!


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  1. I LOVE the first picture!!!!! Your hair is so cute there!!!

  2. we’ve talked about this before and i’m completely in the same situation as you..trying to decide whether to cut mine off again or continue to grow it out…currently i can’t remember why i’m growing it out?? but my most favorite hair cut of yours is definitely short…like in the first picture! i think it totally suits your personality and frames your face really well!! 🙂 love you!

  3. Bobbie Brown Photography

    I have to say, I ADORE your hair short! I think it fits you perfectly. Your body, your face and your personality. I think it is very pretty long, but when I see pictures together, long and short, like you have here, I choose short! Plus, I remember how gorgeous you looked when we did that photoshoot together, and you had just gotten it cut 🙂
    Mmmm, this makes me want to chop mine off! Again! haha!
    PS-if you cut it you’ll probably get engaged, just because that seems to always happen to us girls! haha!

  4. I love your hair short! Not saying your hair looks bad long but I with Barbara short hair just fits you. Good luck and let us know what you do.

  5. I absolutely LOVE the first pix, that cut suits you perfectly & I highly again with Sarah & Bobbie. And I’ll have to say this “voting” was really hard for me, b/c i love both pixs of you with long hair, but either way long or short its going to be beautiful, you always have great hair & its hair so it’ll grow:)

    Now i need help on if i should cut mine or not?!?! I’ve been sitting here looking at pixs and geez i has like 20 different short hair styles, so that didn’t help me at all 😦

  6. Well, I have always thought before that I loved your hair longer better. Joey and I have even had discussions about your hair (don’t worry, we talk about everybody!) haha! When you got it cut he said, “man I can’t believe she cut her hair off! It looked so good long!” I showed Toby thinking I would ask him and he could help me decide after looking at these pictures and he said….. “Aw, that’s Dobby!” He’s no help.
    Kristen, after looking at these pictures I think it does look better short but maybe it seemed a lot shorter in person because you had it stacked? I really LOVE the length that it looks in the first picture. Maybe try a bob that length and it won’t seem quite so short because I really know you love to make everybody happy! Or you could just cut it how you want it and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks!!!! I love your poll, I would so do that if I had the nerve to cut mine off, just to see what everyone else thought first. Regardless of what you do you are always beautiful! (makes me sick!) Love ya!

  7. Wow, I’m really babbling. :o)

  8. Nichole blanchard

    Ok so wow im trying to decide if i want to cut my hair off too i really like your hair long but i really like the first picture i loved it when you cut it that short i like it stacked in the back and longer in the front it really fits your face sorry it really is a hard decision it takes forever to grow long then i get so tired of mine and want a change anyways either way you deside your beautiful

  9. Even though I absolutely love the last picture with straight long hair, I didn’t even hesitate before hitting the “short” button!! I think the first picture is just gorg, and summer time is coming up and that always makes me wish for short hair (don’t know why?). Hmm, if you cut it now it’ll grow out a little in time for a fall wedding if you decide you want to wear it up… just sayin’!!!

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