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Eat Fresh…or not!

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So I am being completely random today, hope you all don’t mind! Here’s the thing, I am in a constant battle with myself to live a healthier lifestyle (aren’t we all?!). I’m not talking diets, I’m talking about just making healthier food choices & exercising a little more. I will be the first to admit…I am a junk food junkie!! I LOVE pizza, hot wings, french fries, ohhh the french fries….my #1 weakness! Let me give you an example of how my attempt at a healthy day plays out….

Yesterday I was having a very good “healthy day”. I had fruit and oatmeal for breakfast, sliced turkey & green beans for  lunch, I even opted for baked chicken at dinner instead of the delicious looking fried chicken that sat in front of me…then I got home. And there it was, sitting on the counter…a Pizza Hut box! So of course I opened it to find 3 pieces of pan pepporini just calling my name…and I’m weak! So I gave in…and even though I only ate one piece, that one piece completely ruined my “healthy day”!

This morning I am starting fresh again! That being said, I went to Subway for breakfast. I have been wanting to try their breakfast sandwiches for a while now and I was not dissapointed. I had the egg white and black forest ham muffin with cheese and tomato. It was very filling for a breakfast of only 160 calories….that’s right, 160 calories!

Lovely, right? (yes my mouth is full of ham and cheese in this pic)

I guess I figured that if I put this out there on the blog I just might be more likely to stick to my healthy lifestyle goals, we will see. That all depends on whether or not all the pizza is all gone when I get home!


Like I said before, french fries are my #1 weakness when it comes to junk food. Do you guys have any  foods that you can’t resist, or any tips for living a healthy lifestyle?? If so, please share!

Have a great Wednesday!



I just attempted to eat a Snickers and I seriously think I bit a chunk of my tongue off. I guess I deserve it.. haha!

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  1. Ok, first off let me tell you how I literally misspelled my name 7 times in the little name box. Okay anyways, that sandwich I had at starbucks saturday was amazing! I know we don’t have a starbucks close but I think it was around 160 calories and they had like 3 different types of sandwiches! It was fantastic, starbucks never fails!!!

  2. Bobbie Brown Photography

    Sigh, I just got done eating pizza for lunch, and it was yummy! haha! But, that sandwich from Subway sounds delish, I didn’t even know they served breakfast!

  3. Bobbie Brown Photography

    Also, I am personally ready for fresh BLT sandwiches!!

  4. I had subway for lunch yesterday and today! Love me some subway! Jillian, I didn’t know Starbucks had sandwiches… I’m sure it is cheap (insert sarcasm here)! I might have to splurge one day though. The one thing I love about Subway is you get a sandwich, chips and a drink for $5.40! I always think I will try something new but it never fails… I end up getting the exact same thing because it’s so scrumptiously good! And Bobbie, I love home grown tomato sandwiches!

  5. Haha Holly, it was about $3 haha, but I didn’t get a drink! But it was worth it. It filled me up but didn’t make me feel gross like biscuits do!!

  6. Awe you are making me feel extra bad for drinking a DP right now:(


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