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Happy Valentines Day!!

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So we are just going to forget that I didn’t blog at all last week, right? Right! In all seriousness I had some health stuff going on last week. For some reason my blood pressure was high and my heart rate was super fast. My doctor made me give up caffeine for five days, no coffee for five days!!! It has been difficult…take away the soda, tea, chocolate, I don’t care! But please don’t take my coffee! I went back this morning and turns out I’m completely healthy, awesome! It seems that my heart is just sensitive to stimulants. Which means I just need to watch my caffeine intake and cut out any de-congestion medicine (I had been taking a lot since I had a cold). I’m so thankful to be healthy and will gladly make a few diet changes to stay that way! 

My doctor gave me the ok to start drinking coffee again (in moderation of course) so my first stop after I left my appointment was of course, Dunkin Donuts!!!

This Valentines morning I am spending time with my long-lost love, coffee! And it is sooo good!

I am sorry for the lack of blogging last week, thanks for not giving up on me! I will try to make it up to you all this week. I hope everyone has a great Valentines day!



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  1. Happy Valentines day! I am glad everything is ok.

  2. Bobbie Brown Photography

    Glad you got a good report at the doc! Happy Valentines Day 🙂

  3. Glad you had a good report at the doctor’s office… hope you had a fantastic Valentine’s Day!


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