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Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

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Today I am linking up to Sydney over at The Daybook for Awkward and Awesome Thursday! If you don’t know about her blog then get on over there and check it out! She is a cutie little fashion blogger and I love her style. The best thing about her style is that she gets most of her clothing at Target, Forever 21, Gap, and other stores that us normal people shop at. So pop on over there for a little style inspiration! Alright, on to the awkward and the awesome…


-Going to make a sandwich this morning with the yummy batch of chicken salad I made yesterday, only to realize I put it away last night in the Tupperware cabinet instead of the refridgerator…FAIL!

-Backing out of the driveway in the morning, looking down and seeing the two giant coffee spots on my brand new white shirt…story of my life.

-Cold….referring to the sickness I feel right now & the weather. I’m over them both!


-Thinking about the breakfast date I have with my amazing friend Saturday morning. That’s really two awesomes: friends & breakfast food, I love breakfast food!

-My mom. period. Thanks for the yummy dinner last night Mom! You know how chicken and rice always makes me feel better.

-My newfound love for hot tea. I have been having two or three cups a day and I can’t get enough!

-This Mentos commercial. Those of you close to me know I have a terrrrrible fear of spiders. I’m talking screaming, crying, standing on the table fear. This commercial makes me laugh so hard and terrifies me at the same time. In my crazy little mind this is how powerful I think spiders truly are…

There you have it, Awkward & Awesome Thursday! Do you have anything awkward or awesome to share?!

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  1. That Mentos commercial is so you! I hope your day gets better, thanks for sharing.
    Awkward~ Hope is filling up the dryer with sidewalk chalk as I type!
    Awesome~ I just finished lunch consisting of some home made mac’n cheese a good friend cooked for my family last night. I love left overs!

  2. hahahah that commercial is funny. I’ve seen it a few times aka I HATE SPIDERS and guaranteed that girl is me everytime one creepilly crawls into my eye view. I just did the awkward&awesome thing, toooo. gotta luhv the daybook!

  3. Okay, this is for sure my favorite post of yours yet!! Love it! As you know, I am terrified of spiders too, and this commercial made me laugh SO hard! hahah!

    Awkward: (does it have to be today? Okay, I am going to pretend not) the other day I accidently posted a private blog post for Bristol on my PUBLIC photography blog! And it was about breast feeding. Yep, Awkward.
    Awesome: I am almost completely done cleaning my house (minus the kitchen floor) am on top of my laundry and have done a craft project with Kennedy today. And it is only 1:30! Go me!

  4. HAHAHAHAHA love the commercial!!!!

    I know is this surprising but i don’t have any awkward to share haha.

    My Awesome would be, i’m off work in 10MINS. yeah thats pretty sad:/

  5. LOVE this post! i think i may have to do this on my blog and tag you in it! also LOVE that i’m the one you were talking about doing breakfast with saturday morning and that it was a part of your “awesome!”

  6. Oh me geez! That is bad but really funny about the chicken salad! Don’t you just hate it when poopy things like that happen!

  7. HAHAHA the chicken salad story is so ME! The other day I pulled some chicken out of the freezer and I didn’t use it all, but instead of putting it back in the freezer I put it in the fridge and discovered it several days later, when it had already gone bad! Then at work yesterday I opened the candy drawer to get ice…does that mean I’ve been eating too much candy??

    Love this post, I think it’s my favorite of yours so far!


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