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Wow, it’s Wednesday and I’m putting up my first post of the week. That’s bad. Now it’s time for the excuses…I really wasn’t feeling well again this past weekend. That’s the truth. Saturday I stayed in bed…and I have proof!

Ok, so I guess taking a picture of myself in bed doesn’t actually prove that I was there all day, but I was! And in case you are wondering, yes a snuggie, a kindle, and Jersey Shore re-runs make for the perfect sick day!

Actually, almost perfect….

Yep, there it is. Mom’s homemade chicken and rice. She makes it for me every time I am sick and it always makes me feel better.

I am once again feeling better and hopefully will stay that way.


I did drag myself out of bed long enough this weekend so go see True Grit with Russell. We LOVE movies. Our favorite date night is a trip to Redbox and our favorite chinese restaurant. And while we liked True Grit, we were so unimpressed with our movie going experience. If I am going to spend $10 on a ticket I do not want to hear you predicting the next scene or asking  your friend “what just happened”, “what did that mean”. Come on people!!

Ok, rant over…..I hope everyone is having a great week! Have you guys seen any good movies lately? I am always open to suggestions!


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  1. Hahahha! Love your rant and totally agree with ya! Sorry, I haven’t seen any new movies in a long time, so no suggestions from me 🙂

  2. haha!! I love it when you rant 🙂 Well I saw Ashton Kutchers new movie “No Strings Attached” it was so funny!! I recommanded it 🙂

  3. Be sure to watch the movie that TC “recommanded” LOL!!! Sorry TC, love you!

    I’m jealous of your snuggie, I’ve decided I need to get me one – last night I was huddled up on the couch with a blanket around my shoulders and one around my legs. We got our power bill and decided that we need to freeze 😦


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