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The Fabulous 50’s

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This weekend was filled with birthday fun. My mom’s birthday was on Saturday and her sister turned 50 last Wednesday. A few of us got together and planned a 50’s themed surprise party for Saturday night. The details were amazing and the party was a blast!

My Aunt Kim did an amazing job on the cake

Cam couldn’t wait to dig into it!

The homemade cherry-lemon Sundrops were a hit

Happy Birthday Mom & Aunt Lu, I hope your birthdays were as fabulous as you are!

I hope everyone has a great week!


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  1. I’m so glad you posted pictures! I hated we couldn’t come, (I’m so sick of sick) but it looks like they had lots of fun! What a cute cake! Keep up the “booger” blog thing girl!

  2. Girl you are on a roll with this blogging! You go girl 🙂
    Love these pictures, the details looked great and the cherry lemon sundrop made me want a big glass!

  3. a cherry lemon sundrop bar how cool is that, that would be so neat for a wedding also 🙂


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