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A few months ago I got a Diana Mini camera. It’s an adorable little camera that uses film. You read that right, film! There’s something exciting about dropping off a roll of film and not knowing what you are going to get when you pick it up. This is only my second roll with my Diana and I’m kind of frustrated because a lot of the pictures just didn’t turn out. I guess I have a lot to learn! Here are a few that did turn out.

Russell wanted to get a  picture of me mid-air but it didn’t turn out. Here I am preparing for the jump!

This next one didn’t turn out great, but I couldn’t resist this adorable little girl and her silly faces!

If anyone has used a Diana Mini before please pass on any advice you may have! I hope everyone is having a great Sunday!


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  1. I LOVE this! I can’t resist looking through old photos. Talk about getting lost on facebook… I get lost in photos! There is something very special about printed pictures and these have a vintage quality to them, priceless! I remember taking pictures with my 110 camera when I was as young as 10 yrs old and dropping them off at Wal-Mart. I Couldn’t wait to see what pictures came out!

  2. I am a wee bit jealous of your adorable little camera! The Christmas light picture turned out cool! And that little girl? Well she is just adorable! (wink!)


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